Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) is a cornerstone element of our Product Launch Service here at Bobsled Marketing. Brent Zahradnik, our dedicated PPC Specialist, keeps busy creating and optimizing our clients' Ad campaigns to drive profitable traffic to product listings. 

This short video covers Brent's Top 5 Tips for getting started with Amazon PPC. Let us know what questions you have about advertising on Amazon (and subscribe to our channel if you haven't already)!

Video Transcript

Paid Advertising for Amazon Sellers, Top 5 Tips

Kiri: So what’s your number One tip for new Advertisers on Amazon?

Brent: The first thing that sellers should do is ensure that their understanding of what they’re selling meets Amazon’s understanding of what they’re selling is the same. 

Run an automatic campaign for a week to a week and a half, then export that search terms report into Excel, examine the top 5 search terms that appear by impression, and if those aren’t tangentially related to what you’re selling, then you have to shift your priorities immediately and start re-jiggering things to make sure they understand what you’re doing. 

Number 2, is that I often see people who are not specific enough with the campaign names. So you export a campaign and pull it into Excel, and all of the Ad Group names are the same and you’re unable to distinguish between what ad group they’re in. 

For each ad group I also include dates too, which gives you some context as to when the ad group started and get some contact on how long you’ve been running it and how old the data is. 

Number 3, is don’t be afraid of negative keywords. 

Kiri: So Amazon has Broad, Phrase, and Exact Match keywords, 3 types of keywords, can you tell us a bit about those work and how Sellers can leverage those options?

Brent: the 3 supported keyword types on Amazon at the moment are Broad, Phrase, and Exact. Think of Broad as your big wide funnel. There’s a bunch of related terms that are being caught in that net. Some of them are relevant, some might not be relevant. And ideally you should set broad at a lower bid. 

Phrase match is the next one down in the funnel. 

And Exact match is for things that are already converting. Broad is less relevant, exact is most relevant. 

Number 4 tip is to teach on the top terms that you think are important to your product and terms that you’re bidding on, and see how they appear. If your ad is on the right rail, and it’s just your brand name and they’ve never heard of you, then that’s not really relevant to the customer. They want to see something related to the term they searched for - if you can. 

The 5th biggest thing is testing and patience. One click is not going to tell you anything. There’s not statistical relevance there. You need to accumulate enough data to make an informed decision. 

And don’t forget that sales can take 48 hours or longer to appear in your campaigns. 

Kiri: Thank you so much for joining me and for telling us how Sellers can get started on the Ad platform on Amazon. 

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