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Kiri Masters

    31 Mar 2022

    Instacart Launches Platform To Help Retailers Deliver Omnichannel Experiences

    Kiri Masters is Head of Retail Marketplace Strategy at Bobsled, an Aca...

    01 Mar 2022
    Bobsled Marketing | 2 min read

    Announcement: Bobsled & Acadia

    7 years ago, I hung out my shingle as the solo operator of Bobsled Mar...

    10 Feb 2022

    Walmart Marketplace Partner Network Announcement

    This week, Bobsled was officially added to Walmart’s agency partner ne...

    13 Jan 2022

    The Amazon Maturity Matrix: introducing a new research report from Bobsled Marketing

    On January 27, we are releasing new proprietary research called "The A...

    06 Jan 2022

    Where We Came From - Bobsled’s Origin Story

    I was sitting across the conference table from my client, a manufactur...

    09 Dec 2021

    The Amazon Savviness Score: The 4-minute Self-assessment Tool For Sellers

    A couple of months ago, I sat down with a couple of dozen Bobsledders ...

    02 Dec 2021

    Bobsled Marketing's Turkey 5 Amazon Performance Recap 2021

    According to Amazon, 2021’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday event is ‘reco...

    26 Jan 2021

    How much should I spend on Amazon PPC? [2021 Update]

    Please note this is an older article. We advise you to check out the 2...

    08 Oct 2020

    Top Marketing Strategies to Sell Books on Amazon

    While we don't work with authors or publishers at Bobsled, I get asked...

    07 Mar 2019
    Vendor Central, Operations | 2 min read

    Amazon Stopped PO’s for Thousands of Vendors This Week. What Now?

    Many brands operating on Amazon's Vendor Central system didn’t receive...

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