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Lori Dinkins

    26 Apr 2018
    | 2 min read

    The Updated Guide to Selling Food & Beverages on Amazon

    Amazon is taking big steps forward in the world of food & beverages. S...

    08 Mar 2018

    Selling in the Beauty Category on Amazon

    The beauty industry is a behemoth. This $160-billion-a-year industry s...

    18 Jan 2018
    | 3 min read

    2018 FBA Fee Changes

    On February 22, Fulfillment By Amazon fees change. Not only do fees ch...

    30 Nov 2017
    | 6 min read

    What to do when Amazon flags your product as HAZMAT?

    There are a number of horror stories on the internet where sellers hav...

    22 Jun 2017
    | 4 min read

    What Makes the Amazon Exclusives Program Worth the Cost?

    Back in 2015, Amazon Exclusives launched with just 15 sellers. By the ...

    08 Jun 2017
    | 5 min read

    Three Key Pros and Cons of the Amazon Lending Program

    So, your brand was just invited to the Amazon Lending Program. Now, yo...

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