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Saied Ghaffarian

    15 Nov 2018

    Stay Profitable on Amazon Despite Chinese Tariffs

    Brands selling on Amazon, where profit margins may already be slim, ar...

    03 Aug 2018
    | 5 min read

    5 Questions to Ask Distributors Before Letting Them Sell Your Brand on Amazon

    Here at Bobsled Marketing, we’re strong believers that brands should b...

    05 Apr 2018
    | 6 min read

    Special programs that bobsled has participated in - fashion accelerator program & luxury beauty

    Amazon is no stranger to branching out, and doing it with precise inte...

    24 Aug 2017
    | 5 min read

    Agency Versus Freelancers: What Do I Really Need?

    Selling on Amazon means different things for different people. To some...

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