We’re ecstatic to announce that Bobsled recently made the Inc. 5000 list! Here’s how we got there.


Reason #1 – Bobsled Founder & CEO Kiri Masters Predicted Amazon’s Ecommerce Domination Early


Bobsled Marketing was founded in 2015 by eCommerce thought leader Kiri Masters. 

“I was amazed by the complexity of the Amazon marketplace, the myriad of hurdles that needed to be navigated in order to achieve success, and the lack of quality Amazon-first digital marketing agencies,” Kiri explains. “I had a lightbulb moment: Amazon was only going to get larger, and more brands would need expert help. This was the start of Bobsled.”


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Reason #2 – Bobsled Only Hires The Very Best Amazon Specialists In The World


The Bobsled team has been 100% remote since day one.

“We have a worldwide talent pool, rather than other firms who rely on a single location,” says Bobsled President Julie Spear. “Each week we’re inundated with inquiries from Amazon experts the world over, and whenever a position opens up, we have the privilege of hiring the cream of the crop.”

There are many other benefits to Bobsled’s remote structure.

“Clients wait to know that they’re working with qualified professionals who have direct experience in their niche,” Julie says. “We assemble teams with specific category and platform skills, meaning each Bobsledder can focus on their area of specialization. Also, having team members in different time zones is a massive advantage. Amazon never sleeps, and Bobsled clients love the security of knowing their accounts are being actively monitored 16 hours a day.”




Reason #3 – Our Thought Leadership Is Unparalleled


In addition to her role as CEO of Bobsled, Kiri is the author of industry-approved books The Amazon Expansion Plan, Amazon For CMOs and Instacart For CMOs, an eCommerce contributor for Forbes, and the host of the adored Ecommerce Braintrust podcast.

“Amazon doesn’t stay still and it’s our job to stay agile and develop world-class best practices,” Kiri explains. The resources that we produce – blog posts, podcasts, webinars, white papers – originate from front-line experiences working within Amazon accounts. We disseminate common problems and identify actionable solutions, and this is why Bobsled’s thought leadership has developed such a loyal following.”


Reason #4 – We Are Always Seeking Out The Next Big Thing


Bobsled is an Amazon-first agency, and our clients love the fact that we’re laser-focused on the world’s largest marketplace. However, we are always looking for new opportunities to win our clients more market share and prove our worth as a partner.

In addition to all of Amazon’s major international marketplaces, Bobsled provides Walmart and Instacart full channel management services, and we also oversee Amazon DSP, Facebook, and Google advertising campaigns. 


Instacart for CMOs Book Cover (med)

For Bobsled’s Instacart insights, check out Instacart For CMOs


Reason #5 – The Bobsled ‘Hive Mind’ Gets Results


When breakthroughs are made, all Bobsled clients benefit immediately.

“Finding proven ways to scale growth is a huge problem for small in-house eCommerce teams,” Julie says. “At Bobsled, we prioritize a fluid sharing of internal SOPs. If something new presents itself within one account, the relevant subject matter expert will share best practices with the team immediately so that every client can benefit. This is one of the main perks of working with a leading Amazon agency like Bobsled.”


Reason #6 – Successful Collaborations With Bobsled Clients


At Bobsled, we believe that an agency should be able to deliver something that is truly impossible for a brand to replicate effectively in-house.

“Bobsled is growing rapidly because we’re successfully facilitating human-lead optimization,” Kiri says. “Our Amazon experts build real connections with clients and follow trends closely to develop customized growth strategies. At the same time, we’re always looking to leverage automation solutions to improve efficiency. We’re official partners with Pacvue – a marketplace ad tech leader – and every Bobsled client benefits from this best-in-breed software. This desire to do things as efficiently ensures Bobsled clients stay ahead of the curve.”





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