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After a decade of gradual growth, 2020 was truly the year that online grocery went ‘mainstream’. Quarantine and social distancing forced millions to change how they bought food and household items. A huge benefactor of this shift was Instacart, an innovative online grocery shopping platform that provides customers with unparalleled selection and convenience.

Kiri Masters – Bobsled CEO, Forbes retail contributor, and co-author of the highly acclaimed Amazon for CMOs – is bullish that Instacart’s star will continue to rise. Such is Kiri’s conviction, she, alongside Bobsled’s Director of Marketplace Strategy & Insights Stefan Jordev, have penned a book on the topic!

Instacart for CMOs is a must-read strategic resource for C-level marketing and retail executives who manage brands selling on the leading online grocery platform in North America: Instacart. In addition to Kiri and Stefan’s expert insights, the book contains contributions from leading executives who are working within this burgeoning space.


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Paperback and ebook versions of Instacart for CMOs will be launching on Amazon on March 10, 2021. In anticipation of the upcoming launch, we’ve provided a chapter by chapter overview of the book below.

Read on to learn more about this rapidly ascending sales channel for grocery and CPG brands!


Instacart for CMOs Book Cover


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Instacart for CMOs – Chapter by Chapter Overview

The following is a brief overview of what Kiri and Stefan have dug into within each section of Instacart for CMOs.



  • The Instacart origin story, and why the Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods was the beginning of big things for Instacart. 
  • Why unlike most other online marketplaces (Amazon, Walmart, Etsy etc), Instacart is a 4-sided marketplace (end customer, in-store inventory pickers, product advertisers and retailers).
  • Where the major players (brands, retailers, Instacart itself) are heading in the context of the entire ecommerce industry.


1. The case for Instacart – now and in the future

  • Digging into the demand explosion that occurred on Instacart during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns
  • Post-Covid online grocery shopping behavior predictions and the ‘business model of data’
  • Potential setbacks and challenges to Instacart’s growth


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An Introduction To Instacart For Brands


2. Is investing in Instacart right for your brand?

  • Explanation of why the only path to distributing products on Instacart is through a brand’s retailer partners. 
  • Instacart’s expansion to include non-grocery channels like 7-Eleven, Staples, SEPHORA and many others means that the channel will also impact categories such as beauty, office supplies, and pharmacy items
  • Overview of how Instacart boosts brick-and-mortar sales and the ‘first-mover ‘ advantage


3. How Instacart fits among your other digital channels

  • Pros and cons of Instacart in context with other digital channels
  • Overview of unique advantages of Instacart e.g. you can sell alcohol on Instacart
  • How brands are allocating Instacart channel management internally


kiri“Did you know that 20-25% of Instacart shopping activity comes from repurchasing? There's a constant validation loop of getting consumers to buy items that they already bought in the past which is incredibly beneficial for brands. Instacart’s unique ability to prompt repurchases should light a fire under the tail of brands: you must get into the customers’ basket now, as you will reap the rewards for years to come in the form of repeated purchases.”

- Kiri Masters, co-author of Instacart for CMOs


4. Key drivers of Instacart demand generation

  • Detailed insight about Instacart’s search and fulfillment algorithms
  • The nuts and bolts of product listing optimization, coupons and delivery promos
  • The jaw dropping data behind repeat purchases on Instacart


5. A primer on Instacart performance advertising

  • The fundamentals of running paid ads on Instacart
  • Insight about the fantastic ROI for early-adopter brands advertising on the channel, supported by brands reps who are currently seeing much better ad performance on Instacart vs Amazon and Walmart
  • Current limitations of Instacart PPC, and what’s coming down the pike


Instacart for CMOs includes contributions by executives from the following companies:


Instacart for CMOs Brands


6. Instacart’s strange relationship with a brand’s org chart and P&L

  • Coming to terms with the fact that “Instacart is not a retailer or seller”, addressing the reporting and accountability challenges this creates for brands
  • A breakdown of 3 typical org structure models
  • Best practices about how to assemble a high functioning Instacart team


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7. How to measure success on Instacart

  • How to acquire and analyze advertising and customer intelligence metrics
  • Why reporting gets easier when your Instacart spend rises
  • Halo and compounding effects in relation to world class Instacart management


8. The retailer connection

  • The upsides of Instacart’s rise for brands – potential delivery cost savings, meet customers where it’s easy for them to shop
  • The downsides of Instacart’s rise for brands – potentially losing more direct customer relationships, neglecting in-store shoppers, margin erosion risk
  • How retailers are likely to react to Instart’s ascension, and what brands can do now to prepare


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9. Your Instacart support team

  • What Instacart management from an agency can looks like vs going it alone
  • The software and tools that are at your disposal
  • Case study from grocery brand that focused on growing Instacart channel


10. What’s next for Instacart? 

  • Instacart’s next moves (from Instacart themselves)
  • Likely future scenarios, and how to ‘future-proof’ for each
  • Comprehensive list of resources that can further inform your Instacart strategy



Instacart for CMOs is live

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Strategic resource for C-level marketing & retail executives of brands selling on Instacart.

A book by Thought Leaders Kiri Masters and Stefan Jordev