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Earlier this week, it was announced that Bobsled had selected Pacvue as its primary technology partner.

There are three main reasons why Bobsled went with Pacvue: best-in-class automation and reporting features, marketplace expansion opportunities, and a shared focus on educating the market.

In the interest of sharing our insights with the ecommerce industry at large, Bobsled Advertising Director Stefan Jordev has answered some common questions below about the benefits of marketplace ad technology.


What is Marketplace Advertising Technology?

Marketplace ad tech refers to the paid advertising solutions developed by third parties that expand on the advertising features that marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart and Instacart offer, making PPC ads easier to manage.


Does ad tech work across all Amazon markets?

The support for additional marketplaces varies per provider, but most advanced advertising solutions offer support for the vast majority of Amazon marketplaces.


How does Bobsled use ad tech?

As a leading Amazon agency (according to Business Insider), Bobsled has always relied on our world class team of PPC experts to flesh out client goals and utilize best-of-breed ad tech to implement cutting edge growth strategies. The below diagram illustrates the nature of this workflow.


how does bobsled use ad tech


Pacvue’s suite of advertising tools includes many features that are not available through the standard Amazon Advertising dashboard. It also allows us to automate the bidding process by harnessing an advanced AI algorithm as well as rule based optimization. 

In summary; Bobsled’s partnership with Pacvue optimizes advertising ROI, giving our clients a significant advantage over the competition.


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When Is The ‘Right’ Time To Implement Amazon Ad Tech?

Yesterday! The next best option would be today. 

There is growing competition on Amazon, and most brands are advertising. Relying on AI to gain a competitive advantage and free up time is a no-brainer.

CPC rates are back to pre-pandemic levels. Brands that are serious about their Amazon investment should utilize ad tech automation as soon as possible – assuming your PPC Manager knows how to manage the technology, the savings or sales gained will be significant.


Should all Amazon Sellers and Vendors be using ad tech?
Or is there a more specific profile?

In principle, every Amazon Seller or Vendor could benefit from the advantages that an ad tech solution would provide. 

Bobsled’s experience from evaluating many solutions and working with hundreds of brands has been that brands with a large product assortment would benefit the most. The advantages that the tech solutions bring – automation, better filtering, better reporting – typically solve issues that arise when a product catalog grows so large it becomes difficult to keep track of ineligible products, out of stock items, types of campaigns per SKU/ASIN etc.


Ad Tech NL


Brands that have recently launched and are still on the fence about the viability of the Amazon sales channel are the only ones who should perhaps avoid implementing any ad tech solution. For every other Seller or Vendor, ad tech will get you where you need to go, faster.


What type of results has Bobsled achieved through ad tech implementation?

For Prime Day 2020, the Bobsled PPC team was able to strategize and set automated spend rules, ensuring that budgets got increased appropriately during the 48-hour event (considering Prime Day spend is 3x more compared to a regular day), then automatically reverting budgets back to their regular daily budget after the conclusion of the event. 

Our team also received email updates for any changes in a campaign runtime during Prime Day, based on a rule they set up beforehand. In addition, we paused some Automatic bidding rules that had been put in place previously for regular day to day campaign management, but were not strictly applicable during Prime Day, since the set bids had a risk of getting too high with the increased competition.

All of the above provided invaluable peace of mind for our clients during a very hectic time of the year, and allowed Bobsled to achieve amazing PPC results during the Prime Day event!


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