Prime Day 2021 is just a few days away! The retail event of the year will take place on June 21-22.

Profitero recently surveyed over 1,300 U.S. consumers aged 18+ to gain a better understanding of consumer trends in relation to Prime Day 2021. Bobsled has identified some core findings included in this report and outlined some last-minute Prime Day tips for brands.

The following data and infographics come from the Profitero report Prime Day 2021 Perceptions: A Consumer Pulse Check on Prime Day and has been republished with permission. To learn more about Profitero, click here.


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Consumers are very excited that Prime Day is returning to summer

Over half of surveyed consumers said they planned to shop on Amazon on Prime Day, and younger consumers are the demographic most eager to participate in the annual retail event.



Above: Graphic from Profitero


Takeaway for Brands

After Prime Day 2020 which took place in Q4, Prime Day 2021 is happening once again in the summertime, and consumer anticipation is sky-high. Brands should be looking back at their Prime Day 2019 data (the last time the event happened around the middle of the year) to see what strategies worked best. And wherever possible, products that appeal to consumers aged 18-29 should be prioritized.


Electronics, Home Goods & Apparel brands will be the biggest winners

Recently there has been a lot of talk about the surge in US inflation. Electronics, Home Goods and Apparel – all high inflation categories – took out the top spots in Prime Day shopping lists for survey respondents.



Above: Graphic from Profitero


Takeaway for Brands

Many consumers concerned by rising prices may be holding out for Prime Day to make a lot of purchases over a short period of time. Therefore, if you’re selling across categories that have already been impacted by inflation, you may want to consider going big across the 48-hour Prime Day event, as there could be some lean months ahead.


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Other retailers will see a significant Prime Day bump too

2 in 3 consumers plan to shop at Amazon on Prime Day, and at least 1 in 3 also plan to shop deals at other retailers during the event. The below graph illustrates the other retailers that are on the radars of consumers.



Above: Graphic from Profitero


Takeaway for Brands

Brands should be thinking about Prime Day holistically. Amazon is likely to be the ‘showroom’ for most shoppers, but each individual may scan several different online retailers before making a purchase decision. Ensuring price consistency and inventory availability for important SKUs across your brand’s major online channels is a necessity.


Men are intending to spend more on Prime Day 2021 compared to women

Much like Prime Day 2020, this year men appear destined to spend more on Prime Day versus women.



Above: Graphic from Profitero


Takeaway for Brands

Take this with a grain of salt as women will still do the vast amount of shopping overall on Prime Day, but this data is good news for brands with a male-orientated product catalog. Making certain unisex products more attractive to male shoppers (e.g. uploading different lifestyle imagery and/or A+ Content) could give you an edge over the competition.


Free Shipping is King

Consumers were asked why they choose to shop at an online retailer. The results suggest that Free Shipping trumps all of the other common shopping preferences.



Above: Graphic from Profitero


Takeaway for Brands

If you run out of FBA inventory, try and find a way to replicate free 2-day shipping with your FBM offer. It may involve a slight profit margin hit, but it will ensure your conversion rate stays as high as possible.


Pro tip: use Amazon DSP and Sponsored Display to reach your target Prime Day shoppers!

Amazon PPC cost-per-click rates go up drastically the moment Prime Day kicks off due to the extreme amount of competition within the marketplace. However, the retargeting capability of Amazon DSP and Sponsored Display ads can be an absolute gamechanger. Brands can utilize these ad types to get your brand and product line front of mind in the remaining days before Prime Day officially commences. This brand recognition should translate to more sales once the event kicks off!


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