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Interested in DSP but don’t know where to start? Ignoring display advertising will end up hurting your Amazon performance. Your competitors are likely on the DSP bandwagon, so it’s high time you got up to speed!

In today’s article we’ve broken down the function of DSP, and showcased how a Bobsled client used the platform to grow their 30-day sales by 408% in just six months. Read on to learn more!


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What is Amazon DSP?

The Amazon Demand-Side platform (DSP) allows advertisers to programmatically reach audiences both on Amazon sites and apps as well as third party sites. Ross

“There is a lot of trepidation about Amazon DSP which is understandable,” explains Bobsled’s Ross Walker. “A lot of brands have only recently gotten up to speed with Amazon PPC, and they’re not ready to venture out of their comfort zone into the world of programmatic display.”

“However, when the correct DSP strategy is implemented, brands see an undeniable uptick across all vital performance metrics, and it can be an absolute gamechanger.”

In a nutshell, brands using DSP can harness Amazon’s swathes of customer data to reach more relevant shoppers with branded creative. According to Amazon, 10X more high-intent shoppers can be reached with display advertising versus PPC alone. 


The Bobsled advertising team have written extensively about DSP. For a deep dive, check out the articles below;


💡 Pro tip: If your products are a good fit for the ‘Subscribe and Save’ program, they are likely a good fit for DSP retargeting too.


How Can Amazon DSP Boost Sales?

Ross Walker has provided the following details about a recent DSP success for a Bobsled client.


The Challenge 

  • Grow Amazon sales for a brand that is already ranked number 2 in their specific subcategory within the ‘Baby’ category on Amazon
  • Utilize Amazon DSP to increase overall awareness and traffic to this brand’s Amazon pages
  • Attain meaningful new-to-brand customer growth

The Solution

  • The Bobsled team pursued completely fresh audiences in the Baby category that had not yet engaged with our client’s products. We used Amazon’s 1P audience insights to show ads only to those customers that have never searched for, viewed or purchased our client’s products or their direct competitors’ products

exclude audiences


  • The Bobsled team utilized awareness-focused off-Amazon ads placements (typical Amazon ads can’t reach these areas). Using DSP to target these supply sources maximizes awareness in the bucket of potential customers not already on Amazon. When they make it to Amazon, they are likely to be hit by our PPC ads


supply sources


  • The Bobsled team utilized custom imagery to delivery the brand’s USP in a striking and memorable manner
  • The Bobsled team implemented follow-up page traffic complete with Amazon responsive creative unique to the ASINs that were viewed but not purchased.


The Results

The following results span a 6 month period from August 2020 to February 2021.

A) Increased impressions and detail page views from DSP ads



  • Impression Aug: 2,454,251
  • Impressions: Feb: 6,003,497
    • Up by 144%
  • Detail Page Views (DPV) Aug: 8,591
  • Detail Page Views (DPV) Feb: 49,287
    • Up by 473%


B) Increased new to brand customer growth and decreased cost per purchase

results 2


  • New to brand purchases Aug: 317
  • New to brand purchases Feb: 1,473
    • Up by 364%
  • New to brand eCPP (cost per purchase) Aug: $20
  • New to brand eCPP (cost per purchase) Feb: $17
    • Down by -15%


C) Increased product sales attributed to DSP asset views


Results 3


  • Product Sales Aug: $17,322
  • Product Sales Feb: $87,995
    • Up by 408%




The Bobsled team would love to support your DSP efforts! For a free consultation, please click the button and submit your details.

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